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Noodle is an education website helping parents and students make better decisions about learning. Using our interactive search tools, families can find the right preschool, college, tutor, or any other learning resource. In addition, they can read expert-authored articles, ask questions and get answers from some of the leading minds in education, and connect with others in their communities. »

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Noodle Partners helps colleges and universities improve learning and engagement, lower costs, and increase scale. We do this through providing and integrating technology and support services that are elegant, efficient, and adherent to open standards.

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Noodle Markets

Noodle Markets' mission is to dramatically transform the way K-12 educational institutions buy products and services, level the playing field for vendors, improve processes, and spur innovation. Our marketplace will help education institutions and vendors reduce costs, increase efficiency through standardization and digitization, and enhance communication.

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