The Noodle Companies

The education world is exploding with new programs, technologies, philosophies and learning opportunities. But connecting people with the right resources is a challenge.

The Noodle Companies is a studio working to better connect learners, educators and providers of educational resources at all levels, from preschool to grad school. Each of its four operating companies is focused on using technology to improve educational outcomes.

Noodle Partners

Noodle Partners helps colleges and universities offer the best online and hybrid (online and on-campus) programs. It does this by harnessing technology and support services that are efficient, elegant and economical, and providing them to institutions in a manner that is flexible, transparent and aligned with clients’ goals.

Noodle Pros

Noodle Pros is an exclusive group of experienced, professional tutors who work in all tests and subjects, from Pre-K to Graduate School. Compared to part-time, student, or untrained tutors, each Noodle Pro brings decades of experience, powerful expert resources, and personalized client support to each tutoring relationship, ensuring a worry-free tutoring experience and the best learning outcomes. Noodle Pros has tutors in 12 states and 3 countries, and all tutors work with students in person and online.